Final chance to save your Google Reader Feeds

Google Reader is scheduled to close for good on the 1st July. It’s been the mainstay for RSS feeds for many years.
If you are still using Google Reader then you really need to act quickly.
Backup your Google Reader account:
If you haven’t found a suitable replacement for Google Reader then you should at least get a backup of your Google Account. Here’s how you can do this:
1. Log into your Google Account
2. From the action menu on the right hand side select ‘Reader Settings’

3. Then select the ‘Import/Export” tab and then click on the link ‘Download your data through Takeout”

4. You should now be at Google’s Takeout service. Click the “Create Archive” button near the bottom of the screen to make an archive of your account.

5. You will then jump to the Google download screen where you can grab your archives.

Migrate Google Reader Account to another service:
There are a number of other services that are taking over the Google mantle. The two that spring to mind are:
Both offer easy solutions to migrate your Google Reader account into their systems.
Personally I am going to give Feedly a go for the time being. A few developers have promised support for Freedly in their RSS apps for OS X and iOS
RIP Google Reader