Extend QuickLook on Mac OS X

By Richard Mallion
QuickLook is a great feature of Mac OS X which allows you to view the contents of a file simply by hi-lighting it and pressing the space bar.
Mac OS X ships supporting many different file types such as png, pdf etc but there are many third party plugins that extend Quicklook’s capabilities.
A really good resource for this is a website called http://qlplugins.com
Here you can find a range of free and commercial plug-ins.
Most of the plugins come with installers, but some you’ll need to place in the /Library/QuickLook folder manually. The plugin should work instantly, but if not you can always force the system to update by opening a Terminal window typing qlmanage -r.
To remove the plugin at a later date, simply visit the /Library/QuickLook folder and delete it.
A couple of my favourites are one that allows you to view the EXIF information embedded in an image and one that allows you to view the contents of a zip archive.