How to Enable Night Shift Mode in macOS

On Monday, Apple released 10.12.4 the latest update to macOS Sierra. Along with feature updates to dictation and Siri, they also brought the Night Shift mode introduced to iOS 9.3 to the mac. This feature is available for 2012 and newer macs.

What is Night Shift Mode?

For those new to the feature it is designed to reduce the amount of blue light emitted by a device’s display, this in turn helps to reduce the sleep disturbance often created by late-night device usage.
Studies suggest that the more yellow/orange light produced by night shift mode can potentially help with difficulty getting to sleep as well as the general nightly restlessness.

So how do you use this in macOS?

To turn on Night Shift mode we have several options:
Firstly, we can enable and also schedule the features preferences. This can be found in the Displays Preferences.
Built in display
Sunrise to sunset
As you can see we can schedule Night Shift Mode for Sunset to Sunrise or alternatively you can you custom to set a start and end time.
Once you decide on if you wish to schedule it or not we can customise the colour Temperature. As you can will see the fluctuation in colour is vast from a very subtle change to a very predominant Orange which some may find to distracting.
Alternatively in macOS we can toggle Night Shift Mode a couple of other ways. If you are going to use it manually or maybe just here and there in addition to the schedules times we can enable it using Siri. Simply ask Siri to enable or disable night Shift Mode.
nightshift on
Lastly Night shift mode can also be enabled via Notification Centre in the Notifications tab. Once you click into the Notifications tab simply scroll to the top to enable Night Shift Mode.
One More Thing!
Night shift mode should also effect external monitors connected to you Mac. Although they cannot be controlled separately they will reflect the orange tones of the connected Mac. As stated in the preferences, this feature will not extend to a connected Television or Projector.
And on that note thanks for reading and Sleep Well!!!