Eating our own dog food!

As you have probably seen from previous posts, I’m a big fan of mobile devices, especially iOS.
Here at Amsys everyone has an iPhone or equivalent, so we are always looking for innovative ways of using them in our business.
One great example is with our training department.
Our trainers are always busy, so we needed a very quick and easy way for them to be able to check their schedule. We wanted them to be able to see which courses they are scheduled to teach, along with, who is attending that particular course.
So, we have written a simple app that allows them to do just this.
The app connects to a feed produced by our backend systems, in this case FileMaker. From the App the trainer can search for their courses, filter the courses by location or date as well as seeing who is attending the course.


Following on from this version, another task the trainer has to perform is to log which pieces of kit they are using for a particular course. For this we used QR codes as asset tags for the equipment. Each QR code holds the devices serial number, asset number and a description.
We then added QR code scanning capability to the app which allows the trainer to very easily compile a kit list which then gets emailed back to our training administrators.


These sort of internal business apps are reasonably straight forward to create and cost effective.
If you have some ideas for your company and fancy creating an app yourself, then we run a number of courses to help achieve this goal including:
• 2 Day Objective-C course for beginners
• 5 Day Developing apps for iOS 6
Alternatively we have a team of developers waiting to turn your ideas into real apps.
If you need any information please feel free to contact our team on 020 8660 9999 or