EasyFind, a powerful free search utility

EasyFind is a powerful free search utility from Devon Technologies (makers of DEVONThink) which I think support staff and developers may find useful.

easyfind a poweful free search utility

There is not a lot to say about EasyFind as it is so simple to use yet very powerful.
EasyFind’s key features are:-

  • Search the entirety of a hard disk volume or other media.
  • Select a specific folder or volume to search to shorten search times.
  • Search by file/folder name.
  • Search the contents of a file.
  • Search Package Contents (useful for tracking down a string of text in say a plist file that has been encapsulated in a package).
  • Search Invisible files and folders.
  • Get Info, Reveal in Finder, and Open selected file/folder(s) directly from EasyFind.
  • Quick Look support for previewing files without having to open them.

Developer: Devon Technologies
Website: http://www.devontechnologies.com
Price: Free