DIY Fix for the Retina Patch for Microsoft Office

By Richard Mallion
Yesterday, Microsoft released a patch (14.2.4) for Microsoft Office 2011 on the Mac which added retina support.
A lot of people have found, including myself, that after applying the patch the three main Office apps (Word, Excel and PowerPoint) still looked like they were running in non retina mode. The user interface was still pixelated and the text was not smooth.
If you have experienced the same problem, then this quick fix magically solves the problem.
1. Open up the Terminal Application
2. Type “Touch”
3. Open the Finder and navigate to the Microsoft Office folder
4. Drag and drop one of the apps (Like Word) to the terminal window and hit enter
5. Repeat for the other apps
Next time you launch these apps they will display correctly on the retina display.