DiskWarrior – The ultimate tool for Mac Hard Disk Directory repairs

Directory errors are the most common problem reported by Mac users.
Alsoft, the creators of DiskWarrior, have been making disk utilities for the Mac for over 20 years.
All that experience and knowledge is clearly shown with the effectiveness at which DiskWarrior can eliminate directory problems and recover lost files and folders.
Have you ever booted your mac up to the dreaded Flashing Question-mark or had problems accessing an important document on your Mac? DiskWarrior has the power to find your precious documents, movies or photos which have gone missing or cannot load properly.
Most Mac utilities try to repair your existing hard disk directory by “patching” the directory one problem at a time.
The problem here is that there is the risk of deleting directory data in attempting to repair problems by doing bits and pieces at a time. This can leave you with less accessible data than before you started the repair!
DiskWarrior has a magical method of creating a NEW directory using data recovered from your old directory, then using this to replace your damaged directory.  Since DiskWarrior does not attempt to ‘patch’ your existing directory, there is no risk of losing any data and a high chance of recovering lost files.
This method obviously gives DiskWarrior a better chance of resolving issues over other utilities.
DiskWarrior also has a nice little trick up it’s sleeve where you can configure it to automatically monitor your hard drives for possible drive malfunction, meaning you have a good chance of being able to back up your data before your hard drive completely fails.

DiskWarrior’s best bits:

• PowerPc & Intel Mac Support
• Repairs invalid file permissions and Access Control Lists (ACLs)
• Identifies corrupted Preference (.plist) files
• Repairs and rebuilds FileVaults
• Fully supports case-sensitive file names
• Fixes any problem with master directory blocks and alternate master directory blocks (HFS), volume headers and alternate volume headers (HFS Plus), volume bitmaps, catalog trees, and extents trees.
• Includes an additional suite of file and folder tests, to find problems before they harm your drive.
DiskWarrior in my opinion is a must have utility for anyone supporting Apple products, and it must be good if Apple sell it on their Apple Store! 🙂
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