DHCP Addresses Disappearing & Not Near a Mac to Check Why?

Review: Fing – Network Scanner for iPhone

Ever wanted to quickly see what’s on your network? DHCP addresses disappearing quickly and you’re not near a computer to check why?fing app
How about Fing!


Fing features the ability to quickly scan any connected wireless network (limited to the current subnet) for attached ‘nodes’, displaying their IP address, MAC address, Vender name and DNS name.
Fing also has the ability to scan a device to figure out what ports (and their likely use) a node is communicating on.

Personal View

This little (free!) app was shown to me by a colleague as a ‘look at this, looks cool’ off-hand sort of app. As it was free I grabbed a copy, ran some quick scans and forgot about it.
A few weeks later I went to visit a small company who had a falling out with their previous IT support provider and needed some issues investigated. One of which was their understanding that a Netgear modem/router was providing their Internet access. This Netgear unit was found to be completed unplugged, yet the Internet access was still active!
After a quick scan with Fing, I checked the router to find it showing as a Cisco unit, with the interface on a random port number. Of successfully identifying this information I could telnet in, check a few details, all made easier by Fing.
At the end of the day, it’s free! So download a copy, have a play and see if it’s right for you.