Developing iOS Apps for Business

Here at Amsys we are always trying to match our training course offerings with real world scenarios. One new course we have started offering is “Developing iOS Apps for Business.”
This all came about from our mobile team. They frequently create Enterprise apps for businesses. No matter what the app does it’s amazing how many of them share similar ideas or have matching infrastructure requirements.
The most common similarities we come across include:

  • Forms: A lot of companies are now using iPads to replace their paper based forms. For example HR documents, expenses etc
  • Databases: Accessing existing company databases for information. The backend varies quite a bit ranging from SQL, Oracle or general CRM systems but they all share a similar access method, whether its via JSON or REST services
  • Social Media: This is becoming more and more important. Integrating you company into LinkedIN, FaceBook to Twitter
  • Security: Securing the data is normally a key requirement whether the data is local or being fetched over the air.
  • Document Handling: Handling documents such as PDF or Office files in and out of your app, or maybe printing them

Therefore we have taken all the lessons learned, including best practices and rolled them into a new development course. This course follows neatly on from our ‘Beginning iOS Development” course.
So, if you are looking to develop internal business apps yourself then send our team an email for more information.