How to deploy and manage iOS devices for your organisation

This quarter the corporate take up of iOS devices has grown by 67%, according to a recent ChangeWave survey, and looks set to exceed this in the coming months.
If your organisation is yet to deploy iOS devices but is planning to, please check out the following article, which provides some useful checkpoints for you to consider.

ios security and deployment

Device Management
How will your devices, whether deployed via your organisation or as part of a BYOD scheme, be managed?
Will you be using Apple’s Profile Manager Service, a cost effective solution that can manage both OS X and iOS devices or a 3rd party MDM service?
Both have their merits; however the choice is dependent on:

  1. Your current IT infrastructure
  2. Your IT budget

WIFI Infrastructure.
Let’s say you are a school, and you will be giving iPads to every teacher and student across 5 classrooms, – will your WIFI infrastructure stand up to the challenge of supporting these devices?
This will have to taken into account prior to deployment
Application Security.
What applications will your users be able to access? Taking the school as an example again, teachers will have to be able to monitor that the students are not accessing inappropriate material or diverting their attention during lessons.
From a corporate point of view, many companies now have policies in place which restrict which applications can be downloaded as well as protecting Apps that have been preinstalled from being deleted by the user.
Data Protection.
Each device will have to be sufficiently secured to prevent sensitive data from being lost. You will need to look at how this data will be protected. For instance, say you are a large law firm and have a BYOD scheme in place – your users will have access to some very sensitive data which needs to be prevented from being accidentally shared via an app or being accessed if the device is lost or stolen.
These are just some of the areas that need to be taken into consideration when planning a deployment of iOS devices.
Here are some questions that we recommend asking your IT teams:

  • Do you know how to secure applications?
  • How will your devices be managed?
  • Can you WIFI infrastructure cope?

And finally… but crucially, once you have everything in place to roll out your devices across your organisation you will need to be able to mass configure and activate the devices with the same system preferences and apps as defined by your organisation’s policies.
If you have any questions about the points raised above or have some of your own questions that you would like answered, or think your teams require training on iOS Security and Deployment, then please get in touch with Amsys today on 0208 660 9999.