Configuring Firefox for Deployment – UPDATE 2

Hi all. With the new update to Firefox (version 21.0) a few areas that the Firefox deployment configuration works in have been moved.
The main change is that all the ‘working’ files and folders are moved from “./” into “./”.
For example, the Override.ini file (worked on during steps 4 – 9) should now be saved in “./”.
The channel-prefs.js file should now be saved in ““./” (steps 10 – 14).
The mozilla.cfg file should also be saved in ““./” (steps 15 – 19).
There you have it. That describes all the changes for version 21.0 from my previous blog. I’ll let you know once new versions are released and I’ve / we’ve had a chance to play with them.
Massive kudos points to Mike Kaply for the information.
Happy tweaking!
For version 20.x of Firefox, the old instructions work exactly as before.
One mistake I’ve made previously is to copy and paste directly from the website into the configuration files. This will transfer over the web-based formatting and so will ‘break’ the tweaks.