Claw Back Gigabytes of Hard Drive Space with Monolingual

Mac OS X is a multilingual operating system and by default your Mac shipped with all of supported languages pre-installed which uses up a ton of hard drive space.
Monolingual is a free Mac OS X Application that can remove all of those unneeded languages safely.
In addition to removing languages Monolingual can also make other space savings by removing unneeded data in relation to the Applications that support older legacy Mac’s. Apple has for a number of years used Intel based chips in there computer systems but traditionally they were using chips fabricated by the likes of IBM and Motorola. Some Applications support multiple chip architectures (i.e. Intel, PowerPC G5, G4, G3) and these are generally referred to as FAT Binaries and as the name suggests they use up more room than say an Application that has been compiled only for a Intel processor.
With Monolingual it is possible strip out all of the unneeded code from a Fat Binary or Application so that you are left with just the binary information specific to your Mac’s processor.
Monolingual is free and available at