Christmas: A time for fun frolics and job hunting

Shopping’s done and times are merry, looking forward to January?
Christmas is not only a perfect time to freshen up your CV but is also the best time for starting your job hunt. Employers and recruitment agencies are winding down but they are still in the office.
There is no time like the present to get your name and details in front of them as they now have time to read your CV!

New Year, new budget:

Companies will start recruiting in January, so why not be the first CV on the pile?
Try these three things to make sure you stand out from the crowd:

1. Use an eye catching subject line e.g.

Your next employee …
When shall I start? …
CV attached but not needed? …

2. No need for arty CVs

A nicely formatted CV stands out more than a picture loaded template.

3. Stay true … to yourself

You will be caught out if you are lying or stretching the truth.
Also, avoid the norm.
The following words were identified in a recent LinkedIn article advising users of the top 10 most overused words in profiles.
Her are our suggested alternatives:

  • Creative use Experimental, imaginative or resourceful
  • Organizational use Methodical or pragmatic
  • Effective use Resourceful or helpful
  • Motivated use Independent, determined or ambitious
  • Extensive experience use got the t-shirt or highly-skilled, comprehensive knowledge, considerable experience
  • Track record use Accomplished credentials
  • Innovative use Original or inventive
  • Responsible use Conscientious, capable or dependable
  • Analytical use Rational, investigative or perspicacious
  • Problem solving use Critical or strategic thinker

A few or my personal pet-hates are; expert, hardworking and problem solver, but I will leave you to think up some alternatives.
My final tip is.. remember to always quantify your skills, don’t just say what you have done, you  need to back them up with facts: how many, for how long and for whom.
A New Year, a new start but why wait for January? Get a jump on the Myans and start now!