Check Apple Service Status in Swift App

A new tool to check Apple Service status in Swift App has been posted to my git hub account.
We are making this tool and its source code freely available to anyone who would find it useful.
Feel free to use it as is, as part of a bigger workflow or even modify it.
Apple maintain a web page here which has the status’s of their services. They also maintain a json feed which this command line tool checks.
Here is how you use it.
The tool is called ‘getapplestatus’
If you run it with no arguments, then it returns ‘down’ if one or more services are experiencing problems, otherwise it returns “up”
If you run it with -h, this displays the help screen
If you run it with-a, it displays each service with their corresponding status
If you run it with -f, it just displays the services which are experiencing issues, along with their status\n
If you run it with -s [SERVICE_NAME], you can supply the names of one or more services you wish to check. See help for the service names to use. Separate each one with a space
You can grab the Xcode project from here.
I hope you find this useful. Feel free to comment.