Cauliflower Vest: End-to-end OS X FileVault 2 recovery key escrow solution

By Richard Mallion

In an email to the Mac community, Ed Marczak of Google announced that Google is open sourcing their much heralded FileVault 2 code.
Cauliflower Vest: a new, open source product that is an end-to-end Mac OS X FileVault 2 recovery key escrow solution. In short, this brings missing features that allow you to better manage FileVault 2 machines.
Cauliflower Vest allows you to:

  • Forcefully enable FileVault 2 encryption.
  • Automatically escrow recovery keys.
  • Delegate secure access to recovery keys so that volumes may be unlocked or reverted.

If you *just* want to have a command-line tool to enable FV2, that’s in there, too.
For more information about Cauliflower Vest, please see  this Google Open Source blog post  and visit the Google Code.