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Management changes to iOS and OSX Sierra

With all new OS updates from Apple, new management features which are made available via configuration profiles. In this blog is a list of the management changes to iOS and OSX Sierra. Below are the new payloads / keys available

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How to disable Gatekeeper in OSX Sierra

During the June WWDC conference during a “What’s New in Security” session it was made known that Apple were changing the default options of Gatekeeper for macOS Sierra. This can cause some troubles installing programs so I’m writing this blog

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New OSX Sierra Update: Are you ready?

What is the New OSX Sierra Update? Sierra is the newest operating system from Apple. The question is are you prepared for the upgrade? Did you backup? It’s always a good idea to backup your data, especially before a big

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Top Ten Mac Keyboard Shortcuts

Whether you are a technician, power user or end user, most of us prefer to use the keyboard more than our trackpad or mouse. Therefore, keyboard shortcuts are something that you can spend ages trying to discover which ones do

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Creating XIP files in OSX

A few years ago Apple introduced XIP files to OS X. I recently noticed Apple are using them for delivery of the Xcode 8 beta’s so I thought now was a good time for a quick overview of creating xip

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Authentication Issues: Microsoft Word for Mac

Update 2016-07-21: Since originally drafting this blog, the slow launch issue detailed below has been fixed with version 15.24 of the Microsoft 2016 applications. The proxy pop messages still occurring as per the below. Hi all. In this post I’ll

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Make your own Mac OSX Keyboard shortcuts

In one of our Mac Support Courses last week one of the delegates asked me about Mac OSX Keyboard shortcuts. Keyboard shortcuts are great for saving time and Apple is very clear on all the default shortcuts, they are displayed

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OS X Packaging Thoughts…

Hi All. This blog is a little bit different… and a little bit the same. Since getting involved with Mac Administration and consultancy, I’ve observed and assisted others with converting applications from what a vendor supplies, to something that is mass-deployable,

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Lock your computer screen instantly in OSX El Capitan

Back in June 2012, I blogged about ‘How to Instantly Lock your Mac OS X Screen in Lion‘ and then in January 2014, I updated that blog for OS X Mavericks. This time round I thought I’d revisit this feature