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Intermediate Mac OS and iOS Blogs

A Week With The iMac Pro

Working in the higher education sector, where your financial years have to be planned out pretty far in advance, the good thing with Apple’s recent policy change around announcing new hardware is that it allows you to budget for it

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Get Ready for macOS High Sierra

You all probably know that Apple’s next operating system for the Mac is called macOS High Sierra. High Sierra introduces new core technologies that improve the most functions of your Mac. From re-architecting how it stores your data to improving

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Intermediate Mac OS and iOS Blogs

Disable Screensaver Password with a profile

Hi All. You guessed it, it’s another customer request blog 😛 This time I had an education customer request that we disable the requirement to have a password apply shortly after the screensaver starts for student lab devices. This was

Intermediate Mac OS and iOS Blogs

Configuring Proxies and Firewalls for Apple MDM access

Recently I’ve been looking into configuration for firewalls and proxy in order to get MDM servers working properly. Its been rumoured for a while that Apple has been using third party servers to do some of its validation and content

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Intermediate Mac OS and iOS Blogs

How to Enable Night Shift Mode in macOS

On Monday, Apple released 10.12.4 the latest update to macOS Sierra. Along with feature updates to dictation and Siri, they also brought the Night Shift mode introduced to iOS 9.3 to the mac. This feature is available for 2012 and

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Intermediate Mac OS and iOS Blogs

All You Need to Know About macOS Command Line and Terminal

During several of our macOS Support Essentials classes it has been clear that many people wish to use the Command-Line much more in their day-to-day user support. Unfortunately, the last time that this was taught at a client support level was

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Intermediate Mac OS and iOS Blogs

Chrome first run messages revisited – with added profiles

Hi All, and apologies for the unexpected hiatus. Would you believe we’ve been a little busy! Supporting David Acland’s efforts at the amazing MacADUK conference has made me realise that there’s still things I’ve picked up after the last few

Intermediate Mac OS and iOS Blogs

How to Combat macOS Sierra Calendar Spam

Calendar spam might not be on your radar yet, but over the last few weeks there have been more and more reports of spam calendar invitations. These invites are created to just spam you with sales for various products. The

Apple Updates Target Disk Mode

By Daryl McCartney – Apple Master Trainer Hi all, While running an ACMT course recently it became apparent that it is not so well known that when Apple released the latest MacBook (Retina, 12”, Early 2015) they also updated Target