Business App Of The Week

This is the first blog featuring “Business App Of The Week” where we will be showcasing the most useful mobile applications in the business world.
Our first entry is from developer Eric Chan, who has created a simple yet incredibly useful way to calculate UK postage costs!
uk postage calculator 
The unique weight/price scale is updated instantly as the different postage options are chosen.
Choose your postage options
➤ Pick your destination, size, speed of delivery, etc.
➤ Only the relevant choices are shown on the screen at any time.
See at a glance the prices for each weight range
➤ The weights and prices are shown on a user-friendly scale and updated automatically based on the options chosen.
➤ There’s no need to type in the weight! Just swipe the scale of weights/prices left or right.
Select your best postage options
➤ Try out different options, e.g. for speed of delivery.
➤ View the prices and choose your best postage option quickly and easily!
Available on the iTunes store