Business accounts with Amsys Mac Repair

Even with Apple… Fail to prepare, prepare to fail

Once upon a time, the average workplace was a sea of grey plastic with PC clones wall to wall.

Now, you’re just as likely to see brushed aluminium because Apple devices are appearing at work in greater and greater numbers.
No self-respecting business would ever have contemplated not having a support contract and a rapid repair arrangement in place for their PC clones.
But Apple devices are different. Simply, they go wrong less often and they last a lot longer.
Thus, it’s not uncommon find businesses with support and repair contracts in place for their PCs, but not for their Macs, iPhones or iPads.
Apple devices can go wrong, especially through accidental or water damage.
And, given that Apple devices are normally mission-critical devices, it’s worrying that so few businesses plan for the worst case.
We see this a lot because our walk-in repair centres in London are the first port of call for distressed executives that need their Apple devices fixed in a hurry.
mac disc repair
It’s true that, statistically, you are more likely to need to see a chiropractor than you are to see us.
But, if the worst does happen and you lose your digital spinal-cord wouldn’t it be better to have a pre-arranged agreement with an expert Mac specialist?
Setting up a business account with Amsys costs nothing, but it could save you plenty of heartache, lost work and wasted time.