Bring your meetings to life with SoundNote

A large part of my job is visiting clients onsite for face to face meetings to discuss support options or consultancy work we can provide. As anybody knows with any meeting, note taking is paramount to ensure when you leave, specific details are not forgotten when putting together follow up emails later in the day, or the day after. From speaking to those who have been doing this longer than I, there seemed to be two schools of thought, written notes or dictaphone. Each camp has compelling arguments, but being the 21st century, why should we need to argue at all?

The answer is, you don’t.
SoundNote for the iPad brings together both worlds under one single App in a way that is so simple, and yet until the introduction of smart devices, impossible. SoundNote allows me to press record, and type notes at the same time, in the knowledge that specifics are being captured by the iPads in built microphone.
“So what?” I hear you say, “We could just use a Dictaphone and a notepad, it would be the same.”
No, with the iPad’s touch screen technology, once you have finished your meeting and stopped therecording, you can press any word of the notes you have typed and the recording will automatically move to the time of the meeting you typed it. So if my client starts talking about the programs they wish to run on their systems, all I need type is ‘Programs’, safe in the knowledge that later I can touch the word and the client’s voice will tell me exactly what they want.
For me, SoundNote has been invaluable and aside from the  above, it allows me to attend meetings in my colleagues stead, yet send them the full recording and notes via the export function in built so they are also up to speed.
A great App for any manager, director or PA, well worth the £2.99 price tag.
Available on iTunes