Bring Christmas cheer to your OS X computer name

By Russell Harris :

Bring Christmas cheer to your OS X computer name in El Capitan (Updated blog from OS X Mavericks!)

In 2012, our Amsys IT Director Richard Mallion blogged about how to ‘Bring Christmas cheer to your computer name’ ( I updated that blog for OS X Mavericks (10.9) a year later (
Well, I think it’s about time I ‘bumped’ this post for this christmas and mention the slight changes in the steps to decorate your OS X El Capitan mac.
To get your Mac appearing all Christmassy over the network, why not add Emoji icons to the standard alpha numerical characters you use in your computer name.
So, here’s the steps for OS X El Capitan which should be the same for OS X Yosemite too :
Step 1) Open System Preferences on your El Capitan Mac.
Step 2) Hold down ‘ctrl’ + ‘cmd’ + ‘spacebar’ keys together to open the Character Viewer. (You can also go to the ‘Edit’ menu in System Preferences and select ‘Emoji & Symbols’. The key combination used to be ‘alt’ + ‘cmd’ + ‘t’ in OS X Mountain Lion 10.8 and earlier).
The Character viewer will display a range of unusual characters, including Emojis that you can add to a your mac.
Step 3) Scroll down to the ‘ANIMALS & NATURE’ category:
ANIMALS & NATURE’ category
Step 4) Select to open ‘Sharing’ Preferences and click in the text field where you would type the name of your computer (Computer Name).
Step 5) Find within the ‘ANIMALS & NATURE’ category the ‘Christmas Tree’ symbol and click on it to select it and add it to your Computer Name :
Sharing Preferences / blogStep 6) Click on other Emojis until you’re finished, for example there is a ’Snowman’ and also a ’Snowman without snow’ emoji.
The ‘SMILEYS & PEOPLE’ category has a ‘Father christmas’ emoji, there is a ‘Wrapped present’ under the ‘OBJECTS’ category too :
SMILEYS & PEOPLE / blogStep 7) Now, when anyone sees your Mac over the network they will see your festive spirit!
festive spirit emoji / blog
emoji / blogMerry Christmas to you all!