Apple's Airport Utility 6 – Follow up

By Richard Mallion
So yesterday Apple released version 6 of their Airport utility with all the lovely iOS UI features.
As far as the UI overhaul goes its a really nice upgrade.
Its seems this version of the utility is missing some of the more advanced features. Now this probably won’t effect most people but its worth hi-lighting was has gone.
So here is a quick summary of some of the missing features. If you need any of these features then you can still download the old style client from Apple’s support page.

Wireless Network Options:

So this is the wireless network options pane from the older utility

And this is the same pane from the new utility.
You will have noticed we have lost the following options:

  • Multicast rate
  • Transmit power
  • WPA group key timeout
  • Wide channels option

Logs and Statistics:

The Logs and Statistics section in the old tool (shown below) is completely missing too. In particular the signal strength graph is useful.

SNMP Settings:

Also missing from the logging facility is the ability to configure a remote SNMP server to collect and collate logs from lots of AirPort devices to a single central server.


This is the list of the other remaining features.

  • Radius Support
  • Time Server settings
  • Contact Name/Location
  • Status Light settings
  • DHCP Client ID
  • DHCP Message
  • LDAP Server
  • Controls to Disconnect All Users
  • Airport Disk Guest Access
  • Workgroup/WINS Server
  • All IPV6 settings