My Apple Watch experience (Part 1)

daryl's apple watchLike many people, I was unsure of the amount of use I would find for the new Apple Watch beyond being able to tell the time (very accurately though might I add).
After some to and fro, I decided that it had an  logo on it so like all the products it was going to make my life better by having it.
My experience began with the preorder, April 11th came and while in London and without a prearranged appointment I decided to go to the Apple Store with my fiancé to at least take a look at them.
I was very much unsure which size I would like either the 38mm or the 42mm (mainly due to having pretty slim wrists).
I got to the Watch Display desk, and an Apple Genius asked if I had an appointment and if not would I like one. 10 Minutes later I was being shown both models and having my 15-minute appointment. My 15 minutes turned out to be 5 minutes when I quickly decided that I was sold on a 42mm Watch Sport.
The order even in-store is done online and estimated dispatch even on day 2 of preorder was straight to June. Now for me this was a Birthday Present and therefore I was hoping it would arrive for the big day (May 10th).
April 23rd and I was very excited to read that dispatches were being released and to my surprise mine was along with them. Not anywhere near the June dispatch date, but I wasn’t going to complain.
Now for the dilemma, the watch arrives on the 24th April yet my birthday was not until May 10th. Luckily I was allowed a day pass to use the Watch. Being the usual earlier adopter at Amsys I couldn’t be the only one to have an Watch delivered and then tell everyone that it had to stay in the box.
It arrived and with much excitement began to unbox. My first surprise was the weight of the box itself; it weighed about the same as the 11” MacBook Air. I fought my way through the packaging that we all come to expect from Apple is well thought out and just adds to the overall experience, it was finally in my hand!
apple sports watch amsys
I continued to open the box also to discover the smaller Sports Watch Strap, Magnetic Charging Cable and the redesigned Power Adapter.

apple watch components

The pairing was easy to do with my iPhone, and it is immediately ready to use after that. The straps are easy to change, and The Watch Sport strap is very comfortable. You may find a little awkward to get on at first as it needs to be pretty tight to work more accurately at picking up your heart beat.
I used a few of the apps, sent some texts and took a phone call – all these features seemed to work well. I wish that at this stage I could give you some more insight into the day to day workings of the Watch but unfortunately I have had to return it to my fiancé for safe keeping until my birthday comes around. Yes, she does wear the trousers in our relationship.
After a week of day to day usage, I will blog again with my findings, and hopefully they will help you decide on a future purchase!