Why Apple Training is now more important than ever

Following Apple and IBM’s announcement this year about their new global enterprise partnership, it has never been more important that your technical staff and users have the right skills, tools and support to manage, deploy and secure your Apple devices.
This new partnership has set a clear, resounding precedent. Apple is serious about taking a big, big slice of the enterprise market.
In fact,  VMWARE predicted Apple’s impending invasion of the enterprise, “as BYOC and BYOD continue to transform the enterprise, Macs have become a popular and preferred option compared to Windows PCs.”
Indeed, one key reason attributed to a surge in the adoption of Apple devices in the enterprise, is the increasing demands placed by the employee and senior management for Apple devices, rather than the IT personnel.
A trend that Apple recognised back in 2007 when they first launched the iPhone whereby they effectively ignored “corporate IT departments”  and instead opted to market directly to consumers.

Evidently, this tactic has worked. The iOS operating system is now already used in “92% of Fortune 500 Companies,” with the typical user citing that they “are just easier to use than their Windows-based counterparts.”
With 75% of IT administrators stating that they believe Macs are harder to support than Windows, where does this leave the corporate IT department?
When, four years ago, Apple discontinued the much loved Xserve, and along with it their popular System Administrator certifications, Apple IT professionals were left in the dark as to how they would continue to learn how to efficiently, and cost effectively, support and manage Apple Devices.
Our own team recognised this issue, which is why we continue to develop and teach our range of Mac Admin and iOS Deployment in the enterprise courses.
For more information about our OS X and iOS training courses, and how they can benefit your organisation, speak to our friendly, expert Apple Certified Training team today.