Apple Technical Training Taken to Dublin

Last week I took a flight to Dublin, Ireland to deliver some Apple Training at Compu b, an Apple Premium Reseller in Ireland.
What’s an Apple Premium Reseller? Well, everything Apple basically!
Compu b will help you choose your next Mac, iPad or iPod and give you impartial advice on every aspect of your purchase. They offer the complete range of Macs, iPads and iPods — plus a full complement of software and accessories — so you can find everything you need under one roof!
Their Xpert Desk staff will also give you expert advice if you’re a home, business or professional user wanting to get more out of your Apple products. Compu b currently has 6 stores located in Dublin, Cork and Limerick, with a new store opening soon in Galway, bringing a new and exciting retail experience.
With the Mac world growing fast, Compu b needed to get 25 staff quickly trained up in Apple’s latest operating system, Mountain Lion and 12 more techs certified to repair the hardware at their service centres.
So, they called upon our Apple Training services to tackle the task and off I went to the airport to catch the next flight across the Irish Sea to their flagship store at 111 Grafton Street, Dublin 2.
I’ve had the privilege of delivering training for Compu b before but never for such a large class.

compu b apple premium reseller
inside compu b shop front
apple premium reseller dublin

Day one was Mountain Lion day.

My mission, to train 25 members of staff on configuring Mountain Lion so they could effectively assist customers who come into the store with setting up their lovely new macs.
Apple offer a fantastic certification entitled “Mac Integration Basics” which is designed to teach people how to integrate a Mac into a Windows or other standards-based environment.
We offer a 1-day training course that fully covers Mac Integration and there is an Apple Certification Exam that can be taken which upon passing offers the ‘Apple Certified Associate – Mac Integration’ certification to the successful candidate.
With their staff already using Mountain Lion, my task was to effectively coach all 25 techs into understanding the full range of integration options available on the Mac so they could successfully pass the certification, giving Compu b plenty of knowledgeable staff on hand at every store.
Days 2 to 5 were dedicated to getting 12 more techs certified to repair mac hardware by taking them through the our ACMT Fast Track course. Not that Macs ever go wrong of course, but the ACMT certification not only trains techs on how to troubleshoot and repair the macintosh range, but also how to correctly understand customers needs and requirements, then effectively train the customer on the best way to use and upgrade their devices.
By the end of my trip, I left Ireland knowing that the Mac world in Ireland was safe in the hands of the Compu b staff and I hope to come back to this lovely city soon to continue my mission of spreading the Apple love!