Apple releases iOS 5 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

By Richard Mallion
Apple on Wednesday released iOS 5, the next generation of its mobile operating system that powers the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch with wireless syncing, iCloud support and the new Notification Center.
Before users can update to iOS 5, they must be running iTunes 10.5, which was publicly released on Tuesday. Once installed, an iOS device can then be updated to version 5. Going forward, users of iOS 5 will be able to update wirelessly, without the need to use a cable.
iOS 5 is available for the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad 2, first-generation iPad, fourth-generation iPod touch, and third-generation iPod touch. The update is quite large at 700 megabytes, but future OS updates will be delivered as deltas which will be installable wirelessly directly from an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.
An update is also available for the Apple TV, bringing wireless mirroring functionality over AirPlay.
In all, iOS 5 packs more than 200 new features. The most noteworthy among them is Notification Center, which allows users to easily view and manage notifications in one place without interruption; iMessage, a new messaging service that lets you easily send text messages, photos and videos between iOS devices; and Newsstand, a new way to purchase newspapers and magazine subscriptions.
For a full list off features visit Apple’s web site at