Apple Pay for the UK

Back in June at WWDC 2015, Apple announced that Apple Pay was finally coming to the UK sometime in July. The most likely date seems to be the 14th July.
Apple Pay is Apple’s new payment system allowing you to use your credit and debit cards from your iOS device.
Using the NFC chip in conjunction with Touch ID on an iPhone 6/6Plus will give you access to contactless payments, with an initial limit of £20. The Apple Watch is also supported, allowing contactless payment.
In addition to contactless payment, in app payments on supported apps, will be able to be made as well.
The iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 will only be able to support in app Payments using Apple Pay.
Adding your Card Details
When Apple releases Apple Pay in the UK, you will be able to add multiple cards to the Passbook app and designating one of them as the default.
Just open the PassBook app and tap the + button. Here you can either manually enter your card details or use the built in camera. At this point, Apple will check with your bank to see if your card can be authorised to be used with Apple Pay. At launch, most banks are supported with the exception of Barclays.
Making Payments
Once added , you can make payments at stores where you see one of the following symbols.
It uses the same technology as the contactless payment systems we currently use with our debit and credit cards. As long as the retailer supports Apple Pay you should have no issue.
iPhone Payment
To make a payment with the iPhone 6/6 you do not need to open any apps. Just hold your phone near the contactless reader. The NFC chip in your phone will wake it up and ask you to authorise the payment with your finger print.
Apple Watch Payment
To use Apple Pay with the Apple Watch,  double click the side button and hold the Apple Watch up to the contactless reader. You should get a taptic tap and beep to indicate payment was successful.
In App Purchase
Some apps will allow you to make purchases within an app. When making a payment, select the pay with Apple Pay options and you will be asked to authorise the payment with Touch ID. These type of payments also work on the iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3.
It should be noted that Apple does not save your transaction information.
For each payment, Apple does not send your credit card details. Instead it creates a random new token for each payment that replaces you credit card details. This is what the reseller uses to authorise each payment. Each token can only be used once, so if someone managed to snag one of these tokens, it wouldn’t do them any good.
You can also revoke your cards via in the event you of you losing your phone. Even though Apple Pay cannot be used by anyone without a finger print signature on the phone, it adds another level of security.
I for one will be looking out for Apple Pay signs so I can test this out, not sure if my bank balance will like it though 🙂