Apple Offers New Dedicated Podcast App for iOS

By Richard Mallion
When Apple released the iOS 6 beta a few weeks ago, it was widely reported that the podcast section was missing from the music app. We now know why.
Apple have just released a dedicated Podcast app for iOS running 5.1 or higher.

Upon launching the app, users are greeted with all of the podcasts they subscribe to laid out in a grid.
New to Apple’s Podcast experience is the Top Stations feature, which allows users to browse podcasts based on genre and subsets within those genres.
The app supports streaming or downloading of episodes and offers syncing of episode playback between devices. This means that users can, for example, start listening to a podcast on their iPhone and finish on the iPad.
As per normal Apple has added some great design elements as shown below.

A nice addition to iOS, as I always found the Music app clunky when playing podcasts.
The free app is available in the App Store now.