Apple Maps Needs You!

By Richard Mallion
So, iOS 6 has been out for almost a week. Generally it has been well received apart from one aspect, Maps.
It was commonly known that Apple were replacing Maps supplied by Google with their own mapping system.
The new version of Maps has some interesting features. The maps look great, where applicable the 3D flyover can be fun and we gain turn by turn navigation.
However, where the Apple maps fall down is the accuracy of the maps and the search system. Unless you live in a major city like London or Manchester, the maps can be slightly inaccurate at the moment. There have been many well documented examples of this including, Sweden’s second biggest city not appearing.
Over time things will get better as Apple’s data set improves, but in the mean time we can help. The Maps application has a reporting tool to report errors with the map.

If you find a place that is incorrect or in the wrong place here is what you do.

  1. Having searched for the location in maps click the blue chevron button on the place label
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2. Here you will find a button to report a problem.

Apple Maps

3. Where it will ask you the type of problem. Just complete as necessary.