You Can Keep Your MobileMe Email Address Without iCloud

By Richard Mallion
Apple is now offering MobileMe users a way to keep their existing email addresses and calendars without having to upgrade to iCloud, after MobileMe shuts down for good on 30 June 2012. Until a couple of weeks ago, it looked as though the end of MobileMe would mean the permanent disappearance of access to email for or addresses that hadn’t been upgraded to iCloud. This was a real problem for users with machines that didn’t meet the minimum requirement for iCloud.
At the beginning of May, however, Apple sent email messages to people with valid but unconverted and addresses, informing them that they could keep those addresses, as well as access to their MobileMe calendars, even if they can’t sign up for iCloud.
When you now visit there will be an option to keep using your email after MobileMe ends. Once you have completed this short process, your mail will continue to work on devices that don’t meet the iCloud requirements after MobileMe ends on June 30th, 2012.