Apple introduces urls for iTunes Store

During the Super Bowl over the weekend, Apple introduced their new urls for the iTunes/Mac App store.
Historically Apple have provided each App on the iTunes or Mac App store with a unique URL.
For instance the iTunes url for our revision app is Not that friendly.
The equivalent url is
This is a much more friendly and readable url. Great for developers wishing to promote their apps.
The urls themselves are auto generated by Apple and it is possible that a url will point to more than one app who have similar names. In that case a user will be presented with a list of apps to choose from.
According to the documentation,  Apple supply three types of urls
Company Name

  • iOS:<companyname> for example,
  • Mac:<companyname> for example,

App Name

  • iOS:<appname> for example,
  • Mac:<appname> for example,

App by Company

  • iOS:<companyname>/<appname> for example,
  • Mac:<companyname>/<appname> for example,

When creating an App Store Short Link, the following rules to the company or app name are applied:

  • Remove all whitespace
  • Convert all characters to lower-case
  • Remove all copyright (©), trademark (™) and registered mark (®) symbols
  • Replace ampersands (“&”) with “and”
  • Remove most punctuation (See Listing 2 for the set)
  • Replace accented and other “decorated” characters (ü, å, etc.) with their elemental character (u, a, etc.)
  • Leave all other characters as-is.