Apple Enable Email Addresses

If you are someone who migrated from MobileMe to iCloud and have an existing or email address then Apple have just announced that you will also receive the equivalent email address.
The emil address should be functional but the old style and will still work.
If you so wish, you can reconfigure your email clients to use the new email address or stick with what you have been using. Regardless of which one you choose as your default, you will receive email addressed to all types of addresses.
Its also worth noting not everyone will have all types of email accounts.

  1. If you had a working email address as of the 9th July 2009 and migrated to iCloud before 1st August 2012 then you can use all three email addresses,, and
  2. If you created a new iCloud account before 19th September 2012 or migrated from Mobile Me before 1st August 2012 then you get or
  3. If you created a new iCloud account after 18th September 2012 then you just get