Any Regrets Google?

By Richard Mallion
So, one of the interesting observations from yesterday’s keynote was the anti Google undertone.
The keynote started with “Siri” performing a few anti Google/Android jokes. We then learned Apple where ditching Google Maps in favour of they own mapping system. We have Siri who is starting to use a lot of other search engines other than Google, such as wolfram alpha, yell etc.
Even John Grubber commented that the whole Facebook integration feels like “the enemy of my  enemy is my friend”.
Google Android may sell more handsets than Apple but, interestingly most mobile traffic (almost 75%) belongs to iOS. You have to remember than Google makes money not from hardware but from data which drives their search engine. Slowly but surely they are being cut out of iOS and without the ability to monitor what iOS uses do, their search engine will be poorer for it.
Apple are also giving users the ability to use other search engines other than Google.
When the iPhone first launched Apple and Google where great friends. Makes you wonder if Google will start regretting the Android thing.