Advanced Active Directory Integration v10.7

I have just finished running our Advanced Active Directory Integration v10.7 under 10.7.3 and I am glad to say that the course has gone without a glitch!

And best of all – all of the delegates loved the content.
The course follows the following structure:
We start by introducing the directory structure, then go through dual directory, finishing off at Extending Active Directory schema!

Course Overview

  • Understanding the Local Directory Service
  • Tools to configure local Directory Services
  • Advanced troubleshooting for local Directory Services
  • What is Open Directory
  • Planning an Active Directory System Deployment
  • Active Directory requirements
  • Accessing an Active Directory System.
  • Configuring Mac OS X client computers to log in using an Active Directory system.
  • Troubleshooting both binding issues and troubleshooting login issues.
  • Implementing the Golden Triangle
  • Configuring Mac OS X Server to supplement directory data provided by Active Directory.
  • Configuring Mac OS X Server services to authenticate in a Active Directory Kerberos realm.
  • Extending Active Directory Schema.
  • Overview of third party products and solutions

For more course information go the Advanced Active Directory Integration 10.7 page.