ACMT Courses & Exams Now Updated for Mountain Lion 10.8

To coincide with Apple releasing 3 new exams today covering the latest OS X version Mountain Lion, we have updated our course material for ACMT certifications, this includes:

What is the ACMT certification?

The ACMT certification recognises that the individual has the ability to both perform basic troubleshooting tasks and repairs of desktop and portable mac computers, including the iMac and MacBook Pro.

Why Should I Take the ACMT Certification?

While the ACMT doesn’t authorise an individual to perform repairs on Apple products (only Apple Authorised Service Providers or Self Servicing Account (SSA) can) the certification demonstrates that the individuals has the motivation and knowledge required of an Apple Certified technician.
Ultimately, the certification is a prerequisite of any technician employed by an Apple Authorised service provider or Self Servicing Account (SSA).

How Long is the ACMT Certification Valid?

The ACMT is valid for one year from the date of certification – which your AASP or SSA employer is required to re-certify on an annual basis in order to be still be authorised to repair in-warranty desktop products.
If you are not employed by an AASP or SSA, you are not required to re-certify although Apple recommends that you stay up to date by taking the annual re-certification.
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