A Little Rant – National Rail Shame on You!

By Richard Mallion
For the past 2 years or so I have been using the official UK rail network iOS app , UK Train Times . I have been very happy with this application.
Before this app most people where using a free app which was using National Rails apis to get their information. Then one day National Rail blocked all third party developers from accessing these apis and payed a third party company to release an ‘official’ app, UK Train Times, which cost £4.99. There was some grumbling about the price but we all accepted it as this was the official app.
A few weeks ago UK Train Times changed their icon from the official National Rail icon to a generic notice board. We now know why. This app is no longer the official one. National rail has now released a new official app, National Rail Enquiries. The app is free but to remove the ads you have to pay £4.99
So shame on National Rail. How long before UK Train Times no longer has access to the information it needs and how long before yet another official app is released.
Rant over