A Day at Our Soho Mac Repair Office

In the heart of Soho you can find our Apple Authorised Training Centre and walk-in mac repair service. During the days we meet a range of different people  that need some assistance for their damaged or broken Mac, below are some of my experiences:

Mac Repair #1

The first Mac that I dealt with today was a customer who had found us via the internet and had been experiencing the following symptoms; the left side of the display of her 27” iMac had gone very dark. I advised her that this is nearly always due to an issue with the LCD Display Panel and probably would need to be replaced.
Once the customer arrived with the iMac, I confirmed that there was an issue with the Display and took the machine off of their hands an arranged a speedy repair via our workshop.

Mac Repair #2

A lady brought in her MacBook Pro which was getting a flashing question mark when trying to boot up. I explained that this means that there is an issue with the hard drive. Before investigating I checked that the customer had a backup of their data, which luckily they did, as this kind of issue can result in lose of data. After running some diagnostics and drive utilities on the drive I was able repair the problem immediately and send the customer off very happy.
amsys mac repairs soho

Mac Repair #3

A worried customer brought in their Macbook Pro that had a disk stuck in the optical drive. I first tried to remove the disc the generic way by trying the eject button, this did not work so I carried out a force eject. I did this by powering off the Mac and as I turned on the machine I pressed down on the mouse button which then ejected the disc on startup and the disc came out. I then gave the machine back to the relieved customer and he was able to leave within 5 minutes of coming in.

Mac Repair #4

My final customer had an issue with the display on their 27” iMac as there were lots of vertical lines on the display, which made it very difficult to see what was on the screen. I explained that it is likely to be either a video card issue or a problem with the LCD display panel/ LCD cables. I connected the machine to an external display to see whether the vertical lines could be seen on the external display. The external display showed no vertical lines, therefore indicating that the most likely damaged part would be the LCD or the LCD cables. The Mac was then logged and delivered to our workshop team to investigate further.
If you require a repair service for your Mac, ensure that you choose an Apple Authorised Service Provider as they are the only repair service that will fix your computer with Genuine Apple parts. If you do choose an Un-Authorised service your warranty will be rendered invalid.