25 Years Old and Going Strong

On Sunday 4th September, Amsys is officially 25 years old! Here’s a little of what happened in 1986 (see bottom for a reader’s special offer!):
January: 19th – the first PC virus “Brain” started to spread, 24th – Voyager 2 makes its first encounter with Uranus
February: 3rd – Pixar Animation studios are opened, 19th The Soviet Union launches Mir
March: 4th – Today newspaper is launched, pioneering computer photosetting and full-clour offset printing
April: 26th – Chernobyl disaster
May: 31st – FIFA World Cup begins.
June 29th – Argentina win the world cup.
July: 23rd – Prince Andrew marries Fergie
August: a pretty uneventful month!
September: 4th Amsys is founded!
October: 27th Stock exchange Big Bang!
November: Mike Tyson KOs Trevor Berbick in 2 rounds for Heavyweight WBC boxing title
December: 23rd – Voyager completes the first circumnavigation of the earth without refuelling.
So, I think you’ll agree that the most significant event of the year was the forming of the UK’s favourite service provider, now Europe’s leading Apple training company and much more. To celebrate this significant anniversary anyone who reads this can claim a 25% discount on any single training course – if you book it on Monday (4th September).
Finally I want to thank all my colleagues and our wonderful customers for making Amsys the great place it is today! We are about to post results for the year that show a 30% growth and we couldn’t have done it without all of you and them!
Here’s to the next 25!….