When 16GB is no longer enough!

So a strange thing is happening with iOS 8 adoptions among iOS users. Apple released iOS 8 on the 17th September and within a week the adoption rate was 46% of active App Store users. Three weeks on and the adoption rate is only 47%, an increase of 1%. If you compare this to where iOS 7 was, it was at approximately 70%.
Now things can change, and I’m sure this number will continue to increase but something is different this year. One answer maybe the rocky start iOS 8 has had. The aborted 8.01 certainly didn’t help, and that may have put some people off.
However, there have been a few comments on this subject which ties in with my observations, which may explain the stalled uptake and that is storage.
With iOS 5, Apple introduced “Over The Updates for iOS”. This had a great benefit for users. They no longer had to be tied to iTunes; they could perform updates independently of a computer. In fact with the advent of iCloud backups a lot of users have never connected their iOS device to any type of computer.
With iOS 8, to perform an over the air update you need approximately 5Gb of free space and here lies the problem. On a typical 16GB device, roughly 4GB is taken up by the OS leaving 12GB free. Once you’ve installed apps, taken loads of photos, HD video and slow-mo videos, which doesn’t leave you with a lot of space left. Certainly for most users, this prevents OTA updates for the OS. It’s surprising how many users don’t realise they can update via iTunes, which reduces the amount of space required down to approximately 700MB.
I know of many people in this situation, who have not upgraded for this reason.
But for the time being, spread the word that iTunes is the answer. iOS 8 is a fantastic upgrade so it would be a shame to miss out.